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Every girl should have some garments that help her to look incredible in spite of weather or state of mind. Basic clothes is like a magic stick, which makes you a princess in a blink. In MustHave we know about girls` problems and also sometimes don`t have what to wear. However each of us has main basic garments and puts them on when there is no mood and desire to go and soar to new heights. Black or grey dress Shirt Jacket Black trousers Black or grey skirt Jeans White T-shirt Cardigan Polo neck Jumper Coat Trenchcoat
After light and rainy weather in December, now we have subfreezing temperature. And it`s time to get our favorite knitted sweaters and cardigans. Knitted garments are hard-wearing, comfortable and stylish at the same time (you can read about fashionable knit in 2018 here). Knit is warmth, is a beautiful morning with coffee, is chatting in the evening, is romantic mood, is old music, is a smile and is a dream about spring. Famous Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren loved knit, and MustHave loves now. There are
Since 1 January 2018 Ukrainian brand MustHave has changed conditions of #musthavestreetstyle contest. Therefore, you will have new opportunities and new presents. In order to take part in our contest you should: · publish a picture with MustHave clothes on your Instagram account and add #musthavestreetstyle hashtag · follow us on Instagram @musthaveua · open your account (it must be actual and real) · wait for resultsJ (will be published on our website http://musthave.ua/ and Instagram/Facebook official brand accounts

All beautiful clothes lovers pay attention to good fabrics. Everybody knows and buys rayon, knitted fabric, denim, lace, suiting fabric, shirting etc. However, some other clothing materials are not so popular, and you should try them to love them. Today let`s talk about jacquard. Ukrainian brand MustHave offers a lot of jacquard dresses, skirts, sundresses and jackets. However, we have noticed that our clients often choose them after the first p

The 75th Golden Globe Awards was broadcast live on 7 January and gathered many famous Hollywood celebrities. All viewers and mass media payed attention to the guests` black garments that symbolized protestation against harassment in Hollywood. In spite of total black look, every celebrity chose an original dress and was gorgeous and bright. This is a great demonstration that women in black are always beautiful and impressive. We like watching such events and feel inspired by foreign ideas and experience.