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+38 (044) 355 55 00
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Can I return the clothes?

Return Policy / Exchange
If for some reason you do not have liked the thing, you can return it or exchange within 14 days of purchase.
Exchange and return of goods is only possible if the thing was not in use, save the presentation and all the accompanying elements (seals, labels). Otherwise, the item return / exchange is not subject.
All purchases are made on your name and be registered in our database.
When returning to the showrooms you will need to have a document confirming your identity, a copy of the identification code (if you want to get a refund) and check. In place of the written request for the refund.
When you return with the help of service delivery "New Mail", you send us the thing, along with the completed application (sample application is shown below) and a document confirming the fact of purchase (with a declaration of mail, trade or fiksalny check).
If within 14 days from the date of purchase it was found factory marriage thing accepted for repair or exchange in one of the showrooms, or delivery service.
All costs associated with the return / exchange of goods of good quality, the buyer bears.

Exchange and refund is possible only in the showroom or store where it was purchased. Return items sent for new mail, and accepted by the service.

Refund or exchange is sent to:
Department of New Mail №1 (Street. Rail, 14)
FOP AN Dzyuba
+38 (068) 867- 50 - 25

If you want to make an exchange or refund the product, you should within 14 days of receiving your order contact us by email:
or by phone: +380443555500

What are the terms of delivery?

We offer several options for delivery: *

1. Pickup.

Kyiv city, shopping mall "SkyMall", Generala Vatutina Avenue, 2T, 2nd floor

Kyiv city,shopping mall "Ocean Plaza" street. Antonovich, 176, 2nd floor.

Kyiv city, shopping mall "Prospect" street. Krasnogvardeyskaya, 1B.

Kyiv city, shopping mall "Globe", Independence Square, line 1, -1 floor.

Kyiv city, Volodymyra Vinnichenko 14.

Kyiv city, Anna Akhmatova, 22.

Odessa city, shopping mall "City Center",  Marshala Zhukova Avenue, 2

Multi Phone: +380443555500

Schedule showrooms: Mon-Sun from 10.00 to 21.00

Schedule of stores: Mon-Sun from 10.00 to 22.00


2. Nova Pochta

Before you choose the delivery method, verify the presence of issuing points in your city, and select the desired item in the letter.
Delivery time: 2-3 days from the date of readiness of the order.
After sending we will give you return number, which must be said upon delivery.
To show the document proving your identity. Parcel must be received within 5 days including the day of arrival of the goods - in excess of this period the Company "New Mail" will charge an additional fee for storage.
Shipping will be paid upon receipt of your order.

3. Courier. (Only in Kiev).

Shipping cost - 50 UAH. From 1 to 5 models.

The cost of five MustHave garments delivery to Pushcha-Vodytsia, Sophiivskaya Borshchahivka,

Petropavlivska Borshchahivka and Chaiky is 70 UAH.

Kiev Delivery is carried out in any convenient time and place.
Delivery time: 2-3 days from the date of readiness of the order. Shipping cost is payable at the time of payment.

4. EMS.

Delivery to any corner of the world :) In the shipping cost varies depending on the country of delivery, and the weight of the parcel. About the cost can be calculated here.
* - We can make the delivery of any other possible more convenient for you.

How to choose the right size?


How to take care of things MustHave?

                                                                                    How to care for things MustHave ™
We recommend that you follow a few rules to make things serve you for a long time and do not lose their appearance.

1. Any jersey does not like friction, so try to avoid frequent contact of things with bags and other accessories.

2.Izdeliya of eco-leather can not be put next to the other things of the same material.

3. If you do not wear for a long time thing - keep it folded. When storing items on hangers may look distorted.

4. Things knitwear before washing is recommended to turn inside out.

5. Colored things should be washed separately and only similar in shade.

6. It is recommended to machine wash in delicate cycle at 30 ° + 400 spin speed.

7. chiffon, voile, silk wet, costume fabrics of wool, articles made of eco-leather and knits should be washed by hand or dry cleaned.

8. Coats, raincoats and jackets recommended to take only the dry cleaners.

9. Dresses staples and other natural materials, after washing advised not to hang and lay horizontally on a dryer for clothes. So hem edge will not be drawn, which is characteristic of these types of tissue.

10. When hand washing is not recommended to twist the product during the spin cycle. The best way to get your things retained their original shape and form - to roll up in a towel and wring out easily.

11. Almost all of our products (except for 100% cotton), ironed at 110 °, which corresponds to one or two divisions on the temperature conditions of the majority of irons.

12. Products and eco-leather coats, Do not iron.

Where can I make a fitting?

Kyiv city, shopping mall "SkyMall", Generala Vatutina Avenue, 2T, 2nd floor

Kyiv city,shopping mall "Ocean Plaza" street. Antonovich, 176, 2nd floor.

Kyiv city, shopping mall "Prospect" street. Krasnogvardeyskaya, 1B.

Kyiv city, shopping mall "Globe", Independence Square, line 1, -1 floor.

Kyiv city, Volodymyra Vinnichenko 14.

Kyiv city, Anna Akhmatova, 22.

Odessa city, shopping mall "City Center",  Marshala Zhukova Avenue, 2

Kharkiv city, Pushkinska street, 56

Multi Phone: +380443555500

Schedule showrooms: Mon-Sun from 10.00 to 21.00

Schedule of stores: Mon-Sun from 10.00 to 22.00


Also in Kiev operates courier who can deliver your order in any suitable for you time and place. Shipping cost up to five models - 50 UAH.
Deliveries can be made in all settlements of Ukraine and other countries in the mail.

Are clothes the same as in the photo?

All models are the same as in the photo, because the shooting take place in a professional photographic studio that allows you to transfer the natural colors of fabrics.

How can I make an order?

To place an order we need your phone number and city of delivery :)
We are pleased to deliver whatever you want, at your convenience time and place in Ukraine (and other countries).
          Contact phone: +380443555500

How to reach us?

How to get to the showroom on Vladimira Vinnichenka 14

By public transport. From the metro Lukyanovskaya towards the center and the Independence Square near McDonald's: a trolley bus №16, 18, 6. ul.Nekrasovskaya stop.

From the bus stop you go down the street Nekrasov to the T-junction, then turn right and walk along the right side of the former US Embassy.

For beauty salon "Studio" will see an orange barrier and the left of it - in the end of the 14 home blue walls and a sign MUST HAVE. You're at the place!

How to get to the showroom on Anna Akhmatova 22

From the subway Poznyaki:8, 25 tram stop near Mafia restaurants and a shopping mall InSilver.

Leaving at the third stop "ATS".475, 577 bus (exit from the subway in the direction of the shopping center Aladdin, a stop at the road along the avenue Bazhana).

To go out at the stop "parking".From metro Osokorki:Bus 42 - stop "parking".From the underground Kharkiv:108 bus 599 bus - stop "parking".From the underground Levobrezhnaya:178 bus 108 bus - stop exchange.177 bus - stop "parking".From the underground Forest:526 (26 + 8) bus - stop "parking".

Anna Akhmatova, 22 to the left of the large corner house on Prospect Grigorenko 22/20. Coming in from the right hand "Cocoa Blues" and "Eurasia" you have to turn right. On the left side is a beauty salon "Druzі" and Salon "Yulia" and blue signs MustHave!)

How to get to the store in the shopping mall "Prospekt"

From the underground Chernigov: in the direction of the Leningrad area, 6 minutes on foot passing by NOVUS supermarket and KFC.

You can go one stop by tram number 22, 23, 33 or 529 shuttle stop SEC "Prospectus". We are located on the 1st floor, entrance B, near MOHITO store.

How to get to the store in the shopping mall "OCEAN PLAZA"

We are located in the shopping center "Ocean Plaza" at ul.Antonovicha, 176, on the 2nd floor near the store Puma. Get us the most convenient to the subway Lybidska.

How to get to the store in the shopping mall "SkyMall"

We are located in the shopping mall SkyMall (2Т, Generala Vatutina Avenue) on the 2nd floor. You can use SkyMall free taxies from Petrivka, Darnytsya, Lisova stations and Troeshchyna district as well as Kiev public transport.


How to get to the store in the Сity Center shopping mall (Odesa)

MustHave store is located in the City Center shopping mall (2, Marshala Zhukova Avenue (Nebesnoyi Sotni Avenue), Tairova district) on the 1st floor. In order to reach us you should use city trolleybus №12 or some public taxies like №18, 25, 121, 145, 149, 191, 197, 210, 214.


How to get to the showroom in Kharkiv (56, Pushkinska Street)

MustHave showroom is located in the second central street of Kharkiv in Kyiv district by the underground station «Pushkinska» (450 m on foot). 



MustHave Atelier

MustHave Atelier is a new and free-of-charge service for all our customers. That means, every time you buy MustHave thing in all our shops and showrooms you can correct its length (Attention! We correct ONLY paid clothes).

MustHave Atelier works in one of our showrooms (14, Vynnychenko street, Kiev, Ukraine) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m to 8 p.m.

You can`t exchange or return clothes after correction!

Is it possible to reserve our clothes?

You can reserve five units in all MustHave shops and showrooms or MustHave online store for 5 days.

Besides, for the convenience of customers this service provides the opportunity to try on and reserve our clothes in one MustHave shop and take it in another one during next 5 days (if there are suitable models/sizes).

We work for you!


How the bonus system works

What are MustHaveStreetStyle contest conditions?
1. In order to take part in our contest you should publish a picture with MustHave clothes on your Instagram or Facebook account and add #musthavestreetstyle hashtag.
2. Your account on Instagram or Facebook must be open.
3. Every month MustHave stylist chooses three contest winners.
4. The girl who takes first place receives a certificate of 1000 UAH (allows buying any MustHave dress). The girls who are second and third receive some brand souvenir gifts.
5. You can read the contest results on our website and Instagram/Facebook official brand accounts at the beginning of every month.


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"Prospect" shopping center

Gnat Khotkevych street, 1B


"City Center" shopping mall

2, Marshal Zhukov Avenue (Heavenly Hundred Avenue), 2, Tairov district

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