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    Jacquard is love at first purchase

    All beautiful clothes lovers pay attention to good fabrics. Everybody knows and buys rayon, knitted fabric, denim, lace, suiting fabric, shirting etc. However, some other clothing materials are not so popular, and you should try them to love them.

    Today let`s talk about jacquard. Ukrainian brand MustHave offers a lot of jacquard dresses, skirts, sundresses and jackets. However, we have noticed that our clients often choose them after the first purchase (when the garment is tested).

    For this reason, we have decided to tell you about jacquard and to show its advantages.

    Jacquard garments:

    · are long-wearing and hard

    ·  don`t become deformed

    ·  are lightweight

    ·  are easy to keep

    ·  are beautiful and elegant

    All these advantages make jacquard a very good material. We hope that one day you will try on jacquard garments and love them as we did many years ago.