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7 new outfits from FROLOV × MUST HAVE

On October 17, we presented our new collection FROLOV × MUST HAVE, which was created with Ukrainian brand Frolov. The collection includes nine outfits. The individual details of wh...


Knitwear: knitted clothing from MustHave

In autumn and winter, a knitted sweater becomes our one. We don’t want to take it off and actually would like to put on several sweaters at once on especially cold days. Therefore,...


Relevant denim: 7 trends of the Fall-Winter 2019/2020

Denim — it is something that migrates from season to season, never loses its relevance and, it seems, does not even wear out. This material is no longer associated with workwear an...


Put on with a shirt: 5 fall looks

With the advent of cold weather, we unfairly put all of our summer shirts on the farthest shelves. But before you do it this time, try a few new combinations from MustHave, and you...


Fashionable outerwear: new from MustHave

Autumn quickly entered into legal rights, pushing t-shirts and light dresses into the background. MustHave has been working hard to please you with new models. This fall and winter...


Satin Skirt - MustHave Fall Trend

The modern rhythm of life is so swift that things that give a feeling of relaxation are becoming more relevant.


7 days - 7 looks from MustHave

"What to wear?" - The most pressing question before the start of the working week. Plan an advance? Yes, it would be great.


How was the brightest party this summer from MustHave

On June 13, the first Ukrainian mass market of women's clothing organized the traditional annual party for its regular customers, partners and friends - MustHave Summer Party!


Gentle images from MustHave

From dresses to stylish jackets, trousers and skirts. We have prepared for you images in white, which will become indispensable in your wardrobe.


11 interesting facts about the manufacture of MustHave

Manufacture is the heart of the brand. It is here that favorite outfits, bestsellers and new collections are created. Here everyone is working on the result - to make a really beau...


Summer 2019: create a capsular wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe is not a basic wardrobe. His goal is to fill only one side of life: whether it be a capsule for an office, a banquet, a trip out of town or warm summer walks. Caps...


On the way to own business - 10 questions to the founders of the brand MustHave

On inspiration, favorite books and leisure - read in a fresh interview with the founders of MustHave Anna Kovalenko and Anastasia Dzuba.