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October 22, 2019

7 new outfits from FROLOV × MUST HAVE

On October 17, we presented our new collection FROLOV × MUST HAVE, which was created with Ukrainian brand Frolov. The collection includes nine outfits. The individual details of which are combined with each other and can create completely new combinations.

We decided to demonstrate how you could wear things from the capsule. Try seven new outfits!

Outfit №1

Our jacket dress can be not only an independent piece of clothing, but also a type of outerwear.

Together with beige pants and a white shirt, the outfit looks more formal. Black wide cummerbund completes our look.

Outfit №2

The FROLOV brand is known for its cinchers so we added this product to our collaboration. Red elastic cincher with satin details goes well with a white shirt with tulle detail, and red skinny pants.

Outfit №3

The outfit of a white T-shirt and blue jeans may seem the most casual, but the details make it special. Jeans are made of unusual, for such a product, material — suit fabric. But our favorite detail is a red leather patch with the FROLOV × MUST HAVE logo. A tulle detail completes the outfit.

Outfit №4

A black off the shoulder jumpsuit is already a fancy outfit. In order to make it more casual you just need to add a white T-shirt with embroidery details.

Outfit №5

Our red jacket with satin details and a back slit fits perfectly with a beige slip dress.

Outfit №6

For those who like more natural shades and minimalism in details, we have a beige jacket without lapels and with black embroidery details.

Under the jacket: a black lace double dress with slip dress.

Outfit №7

The dress from the previous look has two layers: a satin slip drees and a lace product with long sleeves. We suggest wearing a slip dress on top as well as under a lace product.

All items are already in our offline stores and online on the site.

Come in and pick your lucky outfit!