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March 28, 2019

Anna Hres: "I always have true fun both in life and on the stage"

In the run-up to April Fools’ Day MustHave interviewed the actress of “Мамахохотала» stand-up show - Anna Hres. On today’s blog we’re reflecting on humor and laugh, talking about fashion and style and, of course, recalling some funny April Fools’Day jokes. Especially for MustHave.

Since childhood I’ve watched KVN (Russian humor TV-show), the big leagues. Sure, I’ve dreamed to get there one day. And so it happened after I entered the university. It was KPI (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute), where I met my future husband Roman - that time he was the captain of the KVN faculty team.

It’s well-known that the best defense is an attack, but I’d rather make fun of myself. Also I'm acting in a team, where it’s just impossible without jokes about yourself. That’s always such a lot of fun.

When the authors of the stand-ups come up with something funny, they don't laugh at all, they just say something like "yes, that’s funny, let's write it down." I don’t write stand-ups, so I have true fun both in life and on the stage.

Anyone can write a stand-up script, there are even certain algorithms. Writing jokes is almost like math, it has its own rules: you just find a paradox and play it over.

We’re against politics and obscene language on the stage. Sometimes with my friends I can joke in a cruel manner so that everyone may be overwhelmed. By the way, it’s said that people, who can get black humor, have advanced intellect.

We, the Ukrainians, have a special mindset - everything is pretty bad, but still we’re on a positive vibe. That’s why it seems to me that humor is well-developed in our country.

Being at school, I attended model classes, and later worked as a model: I went to runways, took part in shootings. It was kind of a hobby and extra income. I was invited abroad for several times, but I’ve always chosen KVN and Roman, because I realized that if I went, I would lose them.

Earlier I used to go shopping and imagine: “Wow! Snake boots! I’ll be so fancy!” Now I remember that and think: “Did I dress in the dark?”

I am a blogger and an actress, that’s why I can look a little bit bolder than others.

Brand MustHave expresses its gratitude to Odessa restaurant for the location provided for the shooting.