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September 17, 2019

Fashionable outerwear: new from MustHave

Autumn quickly entered into legal rights, pushing t-shirts and light dresses into the background. MustHave has been working hard to please you with new models. This fall and winter, you definitely can not do without a down jacket and a stylish trench coat. What to wear with? Read on our blog.

Favorite trench coats and coats. A great addition to the autumn season.

Yellow wool midi coat.

It is not only bright, but also fashionable. The coat has a fitted silhouette, a deep V-neck that adds coquettishness. This coat is made of wool, which allows you to feel confident and comfortable. Combine it with jeans, trousers and dresses. Versatility and high quality are the hallmark of the brand.

For lovers of the classics, we recommend a black double-breasted coat made of wool and cashmere and a beige trench coat from costume fabric in a beige check.

Two different but stylish models that will decorate any look. Strict cut, actual colors and, of course, a great composition. These models can be worn under any look without adding anything. Classic and beauty.

And for cooler weather, choose stylish down jackets. This is new at MustHave.

Classic down powder jacket

This model is perfect for girls who love classics, do not like bright colors and for practicality. This down jacket is made of waterproof fabric, with a hood, there are two pockets, which are covered with a warm fleece on the back. This down jacket can be worn under the classic model of trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses. This is an indispensable thing for cold pores. The brand paid special attention to details to make it convenient for everyone.


Red down jacket with a hood and pockets

The model is really worth your attention. Red down jacket with synthetic padding, a bright accent in any look. It has a tight fit, a high collar with a removable hood, a zipper, two side pockets that are inside on the fleece, long sleeves and a lining. This option is for bold street-style looks.


Midi black down jacket with hood

This option is perfect for walking, office and business meetings. The hood comes unfastened, there are cuts at the bottom, the brand used a waterproof fabric, there are pockets. Such a down jacket is a basic thing in the wardrobe of every girl. Complement it with a scarf, warm scarf or hat. Great model for every day.

Each model is thought out to the details. From zipper to filler and lining. Indeed, MustHave invariably adheres to the golden rule that a thing should be not only beautiful, but also convenient. Come on musthave.ua and choose your perfect coat and down jacket.