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May 23, 2019

Graduation 2019: Your Perfect Dress With MustHave

Choose the right dress for graduation - oh, how difficult. The fashion for graduation gowns is changing at the speed of light. Having studied the latest trends, we have selected the best options that will make you irresistible while remaining comfortable and versatile. By the way, note: now at the peak of popularity - lace! This light detail makes the image memorable and moderately elegant.

Mini dress with lace

Graduates, as a rule, are divided into those who choose long dresses to the floor, and lovers of a flirty mini. However, when choosing short dresses, it is important to know the "golden rule": we bare our feet, but not the top.

Classic white is a win-win, and if you add lace you will definitely be the queen of the evening!  Lace has already managed to captivate designer minds, and for good reason! This is a great mix of versatility and elegance.

Long Dresses

Long dresses are more romantic and elegant. They give the figure grace, and the image - solemnity, so many graduates prefer dresses. Options for the sea! But we would advise to look at the pale pink dress with an emphasis on the collarbone and chest (thanks to the straps and the shuttlecock). This dress does not need anything to complement, it is already elegant, delicate and incredibly beautiful. Wear black stiletto sandals to him - and you are already irresistible!

Dress with accent

Graduation - it is always experiments! I want to be the brightest of all, so we choose something bold and catchy.  In MustHave things are always perfectly combined with each other. We suggest to look at the dress with open shoulders and neck of dusty pink color. The emphasis on the shoulders and such an elegant cut at the bottom of the dress is what we call the "right femininity." Moderately open, not vulgar, but with a tantalizing delicate touch of sexuality.

It fits perfectly on the figure and favorably emphasizes all the bends. For those who love white color, we also prepared a surprise. White dress with a V-neck. It emphasizes the shoulders, collarbone and waist. This dress must live in your wardrobe!

Skirts and T-shirts

Yes, yes, the skirt can also be put on a prom. We offer a white lace skirt below the knees and a white lace shirt. Comfortable style, lightweight fabric - ideal when you want something simple and feminine. This kit can be easily supplemented with accessories. For example, put on sandals and rings, and weave a handkerchief in your hair. Boldly? Definitely. But how original!

 All of them are versatile, stylish, with interesting details: laces, cuts and sleeves ... Choose yours and be irresistible with us!