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March 5, 2019

MustHave Accessories: Kerchieves Spring Collection

All beauty in details! Having released new spring collection, the first Ukrainian women’s fashion retailer has updated its accessories line – kerchieves with MustHave prints.

In the new season we introduce 4 models of satin kerchieves – each one made in two sizes - large and small. All the models are good for various combinations and ways of wearing: a neat little bundle around your neck, a smart stole on your shoulders, a beautiful ribbon on your hair, or just carelessly strap, flouncing on your bag, and finally, a brave alternative on your clothes, wrist or even ankle!

On today’s blog we’ll gladly share must-have secrets how to complement your look in a fancy way with the help of most feminine accessories - kerchieves.

Kerchief "Flowers"

White kerchief MustHave “Flowers”

On spring we feel a particular need in flowers, that is why we’ve created a kerchief with a delicate and elegant floral print – just for airy spring mood.

Blue kerchief "Open Ukraine"

Dark-blue kerchief MustHave “Open Ukraine”

We admire the beauty of our country, therefore we’ve decided to express this feeling in our accessories of MustHave, having developed a kerchief with Ukrainian famous sights images. All of them are well known to us, but we want more people from all over the world to discover our country. The kerchief "Open Ukraine" will serve as a great idea for a gift and a nontrivial souvenir made in style.

Kerchief «Слухай своє серце»

("Listen to your heart")

Kerchief MustHave “Слухай своє серце”

We’ve developed a colorful print with a motivating writing in addition to white MustHave T-shirt with the same title. We thought it would be pretty good to create something special that would remind you of the most important things. This is how the idea of this kerchief has appeared.

Urban print kerchief "Map of Lviv"

Kerchief MustHave “Lviv’s Map”

The second in a series of kerchieves depicting maps of Ukrainian cities. We’ve already declared our love to the Ukrainian capital, having released “Map of Kiev” kerchief. Though, we’ve decided not to stop and added a kerchief with a map of the city we love not less than Kyiv and where we always want to come back.

Complement your spring look with fresh and vivid stylish accents, making your image charming and unique!