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December 12, 2019

New Year Gift Ideas from MustHave

There is very little time left before the New Year, which means it is time to choose gifts for close people. We know exactly how difficult it is to find the appropriate color or size. Therefore, we have prepared for you 5 gift ideas for any taste.

Leather belts

The first option we suggest is a leather belt. This accessory will always accentuate a waist and decorate an outfit. We have belts in two colors: black ones and brown ones. Thanks to these shades, the products goes well with any pants or jeans. And the length can always be adjusted.

Cozy sweatshirt

There is no better way to share your mood than with a sweatshirt with a short inscription: “Танцюй” or “Не сьогодні”. In addition, all items are made of 79% cotton and will provide warmth and comfort this winter. You can choose between long and short versions.

Waist cincher

Waist cincher from FROLOV × MUST HAVE collaboration on this list is because we were unable to get past it. And the item will be a great addition to many outfits. The product has satin details and a button closure.

Warm accessories

A hat, a scarf and gloves are an indispensable addition to any winter outfit. The most versatile option is a one-color set without patterns. Any set like that is easily suitable both for a warm down jacket and for a coat. For example, in wine color.

Or in basic beige.

Gift Certificate

The most versatile option from the list. If none of the above is good for you, but today you want to choose a gift – take the gift certificate. We have the face values: 500 UAH, 1000 UAH, 1500 UAH and 2000 UAH. This is the best gift. We have checked it by happy smiles.

Giving gifts that will be loved is easy!