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October 10, 2019

Relevant denim: 7 trends of the Fall-Winter 2019/2020

Denim — it is something that migrates from season to season, never loses its relevance and, it seems, does not even wear out. This material is no longer associated with workwear and has become a must-have in a basic wardrobe. In addition, when there is a nothing-to-wear situation, hands reach for a pair of mom jeans.

Denim products are especially relevant this season. We have collected all the main trends of the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 and we are ready to present seven outfits from the most popular fabric in the world.

Cuffed jeans

Incredibly long jeans is not a problem anymore. Now, in order to create a stylish outfit, it is enough to pull up wide cuffs on your jeans. The wider the cuffs, the better. This element attracts attention, and blue denim, in contrast with the wrong side, looks very stylish.

Flared jeans

A skintight fit and a wide hem along with a high waist create a slim and feminine silhouette. These jeans visually make your legs long and they go great with heeled shoes.

White jeans

It's time to look at white denim. White jeans combine well with a rich palette of shades and always look fancier than classic blue trousers.

Skinny jeans

You can wear skinny jeans with knit sweaters, boyfriend shirts, t-shirts and a large list of things. The fitted model flatters your figure and makes the outfit more sophisticated.

Buttoned jeans

The very first jeans always had button closure. They got zipper only in the 50s of the last century. That is why modern buttoned jeans often look like vintage pants. This model has been over a hundred years old, but it remains relevant.

Denim skirt

Another item that must be in your wardrobe is a denim skirt. This piece of clothing is perfect for any season and weather. It goes well with a T-shirt in the summer as well as with a warm turtleneck and wool jacket in the fall.

Denim dress

A fitted dress in dark denim will highlight your waist.

A model with a belt will create an ideal silhouette of «an hourglass».

Denim products impress with their versatility and ability to transform. The number of outfits ends only with your imagination!