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October 1, 2019

Put on with a shirt: 5 fall looks

With the advent of cold weather, we unfairly put all of our summer shirts on the farthest shelves. But before you do it this time, try a few new combinations from MustHave, and you will understand that shirts are an absolutely autumn item of clothing.

The most important fashion tip for the cold season is layering. Instead of a bulky sweater, try wearing 2-3 layers of clothing. Thus, several thin materials together can warm you much better than one, even with the highest percentage of wool.

№1 Shirt + turtleneck sweater

The first option to make your look warmer is to put on a turtleneck sweater under your shirt. There are a huge number of color combinations, cut options and Textures. For example, you can choose bright colored ribbed sweater and put on a white cotton shirt, as we did.

The beauty of this combination is that you can choose whatever color of sweater you want. The basic color of the look sets the shirt. A beige sweater shirt with a striped shirt will also be a great mix.

You can choose straight jeans with raised seams or classic black culottes to complete your look.

№2 Shirt + jacket

For those who need a more formal look, the option with a jacket is perfect. In this look, the shirt will be as the middle layer. Any convenient option can be worn under it: from a sweater to a T-shirt. We chose a blue viscose shirt and a beige suit with a jacket and a belted mini skirt.

№3 Shirt + slip dress

When it comes to dresses for fall, a sheath dress made of thick fabric immediately appears, but we want something feminine and flowy. We suggest not putting off slip dresses, but wearing them. Wear turtleneck sweater in a basic shade with a slip dress on top and complete the look with a straight cut cotton shirt.

№4 Shirt + jeans

Also do not forget about the most comfortable look. Jeans work well with shirts of any color and with any print. We settled on a floral print viscose shirt and complemented it with unusual double belt jeans.

Another good combination: a blue white and brown leaves print shirt and black cropped jeans.

№5 Shirt + plaid pants

It is not necessary to wear shirts of only basic colors: white, beige or black. Bright colors will make your look more interesting and memorable. We chose a red shirt and plaid pants made of suit fabric and we got a great office outfit.

With the new season come new combinations!