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May 30, 2019

Summer 2019: create a capsular wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe is not a basic wardrobe. His goal is to fill only one side of life: whether it be a capsule for an office, a banquet, a trip out of town or warm summer walks. Capsule wardrobe combines multifunctional quality things out of time and fashion trends. And yet they can be easily combined with very different clothes! Today we will visually analyze how to create the perfect capsule wardrobe for the summer on the example of our new collection.

Black T-shirt

The first capsule thing in your wardrobe is a black tank top. A great alternative to white. In cooler weather, slip a stylish jacket over your shoulders and your look is ready. So you can safely go to work and for a walk with friends.

Dress with printed

The zebra print from the glamorous 70s is easily combined with bright geometric accessories. This is a win-win! It can be worn even with boots,  (boldly, of course, but very stylish). Perfectly complement the image of a light leather jacket, woven bag and sandals.

White dress

Gentle, light, airy - such a dress needs no addition. Add an unobtrusive accessory - and you can conquer the world!


Great alternative for every day. If you are tired of trousers with a T-shirt, feel free to wear a jumpsuit! In cool weather, you can wear a denim jacket on top.


Without them, it is difficult to imagine that the basic wardrobe, that capsular. This is an indispensable thing that fits perfectly with anything: with T-shirts, tops, T-shirts. There are many options! The main thing is to find your jeans in which you will feel stylish and comfortable.

Red suit

T-shirt and light pants can and should be worn separately. In fact, you buy one thing, and you get as many as two, which are also perfectly combined with other things. There are a lot of color solutions: from calm gray to bright red.

Capsule is simple and versatile seasonal items that easily blend in with other clothes. Come to us for the latest summer novelties and be unique with MustHave!