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May 7, 2019

Thing of the day: MustHave pajamas

How to wear pajamas, so as not to look too relaxed? However you want! The main point is not to be afraid, because this thing has gone beyond the bedrooms since a long time ago and has become a global fashion trend.

Only pajamas

Pajama-style suits — with typical stripes on lapels, patch pockets and buttons — also conquer office corridors. Such suit is worn with heels and glasses in a wide frame. If you want some tenderness, then add a light scarf on your neck. Definitely, such look is worth having in your wardrobe!

Jeans + a t-shirt + an unbuttoned shirt

Only comfortable clothes naturally fit into the overall concept of healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it's the perfect choice! Light pants, a T-shirt and an unbuttoned shirt - that's your easy and fashionable look for every day. It will definitely suit you at office!

White pants + T-shirt + red shirt

The classic light choice for every day. It will perfectly suit girls, who aren't fond of experiments, but want to make an unforgettable look.

Red pants + white t-shirt "How do you do" + white shirt

In the spirit of the latest trends, pajama pants and a white shirt are a great tandem for the evening! Well, a laconic top is the best fit for everyday life: combine printed trousers with a plain t-shirt with a print.

Over the past few years, pajamas went through the long way and completely changed the whole view at style and comfort. So, now it has become a must have for every modern fashionista!