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Bonus system

MustHave bonus system

We offer a convenient loyalty program. Every time you buy MustHave garments, you get bonuses you can use next time in all MustHave stores and showrooms and our online store.


      • After making the first purchase, you get a bonus card, which accrue 5% of the amount of each purchase (1 bonus = 1 UAH).
      • The percentage of bonuses increases to 10% when the amount of all your purchases exceeds 10 000 UAH (1 bonus = 1 UAH).

You need to know:

      • If you want to get and use bonuses, you should have a bonus card.
      • You can use your bonuses the next day after making a purchase.
      • Your bonus card is unlimited.
      • Bonuses can cover partial sum that does not exceed 50% of the selected product's value.
      • The bonus system is not applicable to the promotional products and MustHave certificates.
      • In case you return a product, your bonuses will be consumed. In case you exchange a product, your bonuses will be saved.
      • On your birthday you get additional bonuses (200 UAH). You can use them 2 days before your birthday/on your birthday/2 days after your birthday.
      • You can see the amount of your bonuses in a cashier's check. You can also contact us by phone +38 044 355 55 00 or ask Sales Assistants in all MustHave stores and showrooms.
      • We can change the rules of our bonus program. Of course, we will inform you about this in advance.