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Gift Certificate

A Gift Certificate is the best gift. We have checked it by happy smiles.

We have such Gift Certificates: 500 UAH, 1000 UAH, 1500 UAH and 2000 UAH


      1. The Certificate allows you to purchase any product in MustHave stores.
      2. You should show your Certificate when you want to use it.
      3. You can use your Certificate in all MustHave stores and showrooms and in our online store (musthave.ua).
      4. The Certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. If you don`t use your certificate during 1 year from the date of purchase, it will be annulled. If you want to know the date of purchase, please call us: +38 044 355 55 00.
      5. The bonus system is not distributed In case you want to use MustHave Gift Certificate
      6. The bonus system is not distributed in case you want to buy MustHave Gift Certificate
      7. If the purchase price is lower than the nominal value of your Certificate, the difference is not returned.
      8. If the purchase price exceeds the nominal value of your Certificate, you can pay the rest by card or in cash.
      9. You can`t return MustHave items but you can exchange them for another sizes (similar in cost).
      10. Please pay your attention! You can`t return MustHave Gift Certificate.
      11. If you have MustHave Gift Certificate, someone loves you very much!

You can buy a Gift Certificate in all MustHave showrooms/stores, on our website or order by tel.:

+38 (044) 355-55-00