Бонусна система

Why should you register for the MustHave loyalty program?
The bonus card allows you to collect bonuses and pay for them while shopping in MustHave stores and online.
  • 5% of the purchase is returned to your bonus account
  • 10% бонусів після того як сума покупок перевищує 25 тисяч грн
  • 500 UAH bonuses in honor of the birthday
  • individual special offers and discounts
We gave up plastic cards. From now on, your bonus account is virtual.

What else do you need to know?

  • Bonuses become available the next day after purchase.
  • The bonus card does not expire.
  • Bonuses can be used to pay up to 50% of the cost of the product.
  • The bonus system does not apply to promotional products, discounted products and gift certificates.
  • Bonuses are not credited to the part of the check amount that was paid with bonuses, coupons or gift certificates.
  • In the case of returning goods paid for with bonuses, the bonuses are burned. In case of exchange of a similar product for a different size, bonuses are retained.
  • On your birthday, you receive additional bonuses on the card: UAH 500. They can be used 2 days before, on the day and 2 days after the birthday.
  • The bonus balance on the account is reflected in the cash receipt. You can also find out about the balance by phone +38 (044) 355 55 00 or from consultants in stores by specifying your phone number.
  • MustHave has the right to make any changes to the rules of the bonus program, having previously notified its participants.
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